“yieldWerx is playing an important part in helping us achieve up to 98% yield at final test. We use it daily at Azoteq and apart from data analysis it helps us in identifying systematic equipment issues as well; one device was hitting low current and we marked it as failed die but yieldWerx helped us in identifying that the issue is with the tester and not the die.”

Dr. Mladen Božanić, Senior IC Design Engineer, Azoteq

“It used to take our Product Engineering team about 4 weeks to prepare, analyze and summarize the data from a quarterly production run, and then another 2-3 weeks  to discuss with our fab, assembly and test house sub cons for DOEs.This now takes us just a few hours to prepare the same report with yieldWerx, putting us on track to resolve yield issues and ramp our yield much faster. This translates into tremendous financial gains for the company and engineering efficiency for us.”

Baqar Tabrez ( Sr. Product Engineering Manager), Silicon Image

“We are in a new product development stage and are optimizing the process for achieving the device characteristics required by the market. Being able to do this with a small number of wafers with high accuracy is a huge benefit. We are glad to have yieldWerx at the heart of our test operations and we now totally rely on its analysis. yieldWerx helped us in improving device yield, perform early defect detection, reduce engineering time and improve equipment utilization.”

Rajiv Jain (VP WW Operations and IT), QuickLogic

“Our customer asked us for some ambitious delivery times, and yieldWerx came through for us. They understood our requirements, implemented them in a timely manner, and assisted us during the installation of several systems, often working at odd hours when our customers were overseas. With this type of responsiveness and professionalism, we will definitely rely on them in the future.”

Mostafa Daoudi (Vice President), SEMIPROBE


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