Ensuring Quality and Reliability in Global Supply Chains

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Ensuring Quality and Reliability in Global Supply Chains

Posted By: yieldWerx    on   September 9, 2016

With the ever increasing rise of competition in the industry, the semiconductor manufacturing is moving towards highly specialized, advanced and complex processing of wafers. The supply chain is getting more global and fragmented where one node might be located in US, while the other in China, Taiwan or Malaysia with each node being managed by a different vendor. This multi-vendor policy helps the companies to get access to highly skilled individuals as well as highly specialized machinery that can deliver quality products in a cost-effective manner.

This approach of having a fragmented supply chain with specialized nodes allows the companies to innovate faster and ramp products faster from the prototyping stage to final packaged product but can become a hassle for those monitoring operations and yield.

The biggest challenge that arises is to track lot splits across the product testing life-cycle from the final product down to wafer and die level because of different naming conventions and mapping of the data done by various vendors in the supply chain. The lack of ability to attribute failure to an individual die and track the node where the failure occurred greatly hampers the ability to find root cause of the issue.

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The engineering team typically has to spend exorbitant amount of time to build relationships and merge data coming out from various nodes of the global supply chain to track the lots and wafers being processed, taking their focus away from performing actual analysis. This becomes even more critical when it constitutes a compliance requirement to track individual die and wafer as mandated either by the customer or the industry.

A powerful end-to-end yield management solution like yieldWerx lets the user automatically correlate data across multiple test points and nodes irrespective of the diversity and complexity of the supply chain through its powerful Lot Genealogy Module. The module organizes and simplifies the management of large volumes of semiconductor manufacturing data, and quickly associate data with vendors, equipment, lots, wafers, zones and dies giving a uniform view of the whole supply chain.

Lot Genealogy in MES systems form the backbone of operational logistics, combining this data with ATE yield data is critical to resolving problems. The Lot Genealogy module lets you map and compare data across all the manufacture steps and allows the user to identify the failing bin and its associated performance at previous steps before it was marked as a failing bin.

This module is quick and easy to setup and can track the lot genealogy with the help of simple clicks in real-time. The users can split a parent lot into multiple child and sub lots with everything intuitively mapped on a genealogy tree. The genealogy tree can then be used in yield and parametric reports and analysis to track lot splits, and the relationship to WAT/PCM, Wafer Sort and Final Test data.

Effective implementation of Lot Genealogy information in yield management system is critical to solving business and operational problems. Our customers have quoted that lot genealogy automation improves productivity by 5-6 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs), speeds root cause analysis, and results in substantial yield improvements for the semiconductor manufacturers.