Gauge R&R is an analysis technique used to determine the amount of variability caused by the measurement system. For semiconductor devices, the repeatability and reproducibility (precision) of measurements need to be small relative to the specification tolerances of the wafer or device being tested, to ensure that specifications can be guaranteed.

Typically Gauge R&R studies use a group of “Reference Devices” that are re-tested by the same machines to measure repeatability, and by different machines to measure reproducibility. By collecting this data into yieldWerx Enterprise the results can be analyzed using various techniques, including ANOVA, to calculate the sources of variance not part of the Reference Devices.

Problem tests, sites and equipment can be quickly identified, quantified and corrected. The final measurements are usually added as “guard bands” to the test parameters to guarantee outgoing specification quality.

A yieldWerx Enterprise generated Gauge R&R report can be part of a checklist for releasing a test solution to production. In addition, the data and reports stored in yieldWerx makes it easy to periodically compare product material with the data from the Reference Devices to ensure things continue to perform as expected.