Production Yield Reporting

Gauge R&R ANOVAOperations teams for semiconductor device manufacturers need timely and accurate production yield reports to keep operations flowing. yieldWerx Enterprise can simplify and automate these reports for all stakeholders in your enterprise.

The yieldWerx Enterprise platform can improve production yield reporting capabilities for foundries, IDMs, fabless device manufacturers and OSATs. Customers commonly use yieldWerx Enterprise reporting capabilities for:

  1. Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP) and order management;
  2. Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) or problem-solving with supply chain partners;
  3. Internal staff and business reviews;
  4. Monitoring of yield consistency to detect changes;
  5. Benchmarking “baseline” numbers for yield improvement, cost reduction, or other engineering initiatives.

The two most common yield reports are Wafer Probe and Final (packaged part) Test. These two reports capture cost, consistency and uniformity from Wafer Fab and Test & Assembly operations. yieldWerx Enterprise also provides the tools to optimize costs by analyzing correlations between these two yields and other variables, such as bin yields. Most customers try to achieve the highest Final Test yields by capturing poorly yielding material at Wafer Probe before package and testing costs are added.

yieldWerx Enterprise delivers production yield reports to its platform users, including product, manufacturing, and yield engineers. Additional internal and external stakeholders can access these reports using a simple web browser.