STDF Data Analysis Tool

yieldWerx is one of the leading semiconductor STDF data analysis tools designed to host data from all major ATEs, Fabs and Assembly & Test houses. yieldWerx has developed many custom and industry standard data parsers to handle a broad range of formats like STDF, ATDF, CSV and many other proprietary test data formats as well.These files are easily imported in to the yieldWerx Enterprise for analysis and to support the customer in quick decision making.

stdf data analysis tool

yieldWerx offers the ability to perform STDF data analysis by either uploading a test data file to the YieldWerx database for functional and final test in real time, manually or by scheduling it with just one click. Once the STDF data files are uploaded to the yieldWerx semiconductor STDF data analysis tool, the user can view and modify the already uploaded STDF data files within the tool for further analysis.


yieldWerx STDF Data Analysis Tool Features


YieldWerx data loading engine has speed, functionality and the ability to handle complex data allowing customers to load data from multiple locations at the same instance with the flexibility of configuring each location with its own loading, cleansing and reporting policies. yieldWerx also offers key capabilities like read, view, modify, and convert STDF files into many different formats for yield analysis. yieldWerx allows its users to convert STDF files into many formats like STDF to Excel, STDF to database, STDF to Text and STDF to XML. This functionality greatly helps the customer in test time reduction, test cost optimization and quick decision making, which are important KPIs for semiconductor companies.

yieldWerx STDF data analysis tool processes STDF generated files and performs statistical analysis on the data and creates reports with powerful visualizations. These reports are then used by test and production engineers to monitor the operations and identify root cause analysis. Thus, helping the customers achieve operational efficiency and enhancing their semiconductor yield.