Yield Management Software for Yield Enhancement and Monitoring

In the semiconductor industry ramping new products to market and minimizing yield loss are major concerns but many companies spend more time trying to capture and track data than they do actually analyzing the data, solving problems and implementing fixes. What’s needed is a true end-to-end semiconductor yield analysis and enhancement solution that leverages cross operational test data and leads to real yield boosting results ramping your products to market faster and allowing engineers to do their jobs more efficiently.


yieldWerx provides end-to-end yield management solution, captures data from hundreds of formats including STDF, ATDF, and CSV, as well as any other proprietary format and generate insightful reports to assist with semiconductor yield analysis. It’s used by engineers in many settings including Fabless design houses, test equipment manufacturers, waferfabs and test houses. With the improved semiconductor test data management capabilities of yieldWerx, fab lot data can be traced from beginning to end allowing teams to pin-point trouble spots and identify where greater process control and improvements are needed yieldWerx can handle any tests related data elements such as images, fail memory, inspection data and MES data.This clear and complete semiconductor yield analysis helps boost efficiency and allows teams to spend less time chasing information and more time actually solving problems.

The result is improved operational efficiency,higher device quality and minimized yield loss with the ultimate goal of achieving a zero defect product.