Enterprise Architecture and Product Features

Robust Multi-Tier Architecture
yieldWerx Enterprise leverages a multi-tier architecture consisting of a relational database, server and client-based analytics and web-browser reporting interface to provide semiconductor manufacturers with a flexible and robust yield management solution. Because the yieldWerx solution is architected to physically separate the user interface, application processing and data management functions, yieldWerx Enterprise customers benefit from enhanced scalability, performance, security and reliability.


Real-time Data with Seamless Integration
The yieldWerx Enterprise platform automatically uploads data files from multiple manufacturing locations throughout your global supply chain.

The yieldWerx Enterprise platform is equipped to manage data from a broad range of test equipment including: LTXC (Credence), Teradyne, HP93K, HP, Agilent, Verigy, Juno, Tessec, Amida, Avantest and Keithly using data formats such as STDF, ATDF, KLARF, XML, ASCII, Excel, EDL and CSV. The platform also supports an extensive list of foundry formats, including TSMC, MXIC, UMC, ATMEL GF, TOWER, SMIC, MagnaChip and XFAB.

Data Cleansing and Mapping

With yieldWerx Enterprise, your data is cleansed of outliers or inconsistencies and mapped to your company’s naming and organizational conventions. To ensure accurate lot genealogy, manufacturing execution system (MES) data, is integrated so your engineers are able to concentrate upon analysis instead of chasing the right data.

Enterprise-Wide Decision-Making

YieldWerx Enterprise has large number of analytics, visualizations and reporting capabilities. A partial list includes:

  • notebook-with-graphs-Vector-FileHistograms (single and stacked)
  • Bin and parametric wafer maps (single and stacked)
  • Zonal wafer maps
  • Shmoo plots
  • Bar graphs
  • XY scatter plots
  • Cat and whisker plots
  • Data reports (Excel, HTML)
  • Timed report generation
  • Filters


Flexible Backup and Restore
yieldWerx Enterprise offers a powerful built-in backup and restore solution. Flexible, time-based backups with fine-grained selection of data and reports are easy to setup and manage.

Secure PlatformSecure Platform
yieldWerx takes security seriously whether you choose to deploy its platform directly on your internal hardware, or choose to host it on a Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services data center.

yieldWerx Enterprise allows you to add additional security layers beyond your existing fire walls with specific recommendations for antivirus software, intrusion detection, firewall setup and proactive DDos prevention. Additionally, yieldWerx employs Statement Auditing Standards (SAS) 70 as its authoritative guidance process to ensure that adequate control methods protect your data and services.

If you use a Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services data-center to host your yieldWerx Enterprise yield management solution, yieldWerx will assist with the set up to ensure that your solution is secure with the same recommendations we provide for on-site implementations.