Optional Modules

wafer map analysis detailsStatistical Process Control (SPC)

SPC module allow you to create product and test specific rules that monitor and automatically email alerts and/or send stop notices to equipment and MES systems. yieldWerx Enterprise’s SPC module gives you the ability to manage quality 24 hours a day no matter how many products, suppliers or unit volumes you are running.


4Smart Probe TM Wafer Map Layout & Real-Time Probe Data Control


Smart Probe Module allows you to connect to test programs in real-time and use graphical wafer maps, operator commands, or analytics to control the wafer probing process and data collection. yieldWerx Enterprise combined with Smart Probe gives you the analytical power of the platform for data-dependent algorithmic control over the probe station. Using historical results (e.g., stacked wafer maps), SPC control charts and other advanced techniques to manage wafer mapping and probing in real-time allows you to increase the throughput on expensive test equipment, thereby reducing product cost.


Realtimereporting-1-vector-FileReal-Time Dashboard


Real-Time Dashboard Module allows your engineers, operators and other stakeholders to monitor, disposition material and control test operations remotely. By creating customized layouts for different stakeholders your team can work together to keep production moving, communicate next actions anywhere they are using the Real-Time Dashboard Module.


Yield Management Dashboard


Yield Management Dashboard provides summarized data by operation, time period, supplier etc. for access by management and planning teams. Configuring this module for executives and other stakeholders allows everyone to have access to timely information about the state of manufacturing operations.


 Part Average Testing (PAT)

 Suppliers to the automotive and other high-reliability industries must often contractually adhere to a stringent set of guidelines that include Part Average Testing (PAT).  PAT guidelines are very difficult to adhere to, especially at high volumes, without a sophisticated YMS system. yieldWerx Enterprise provides the sophisticated workflows and tools needed to satisfy PAT test and reporting requirements.