yieldWerx successfully exhibited at the International Test Conference (ITC) 2016 at Fort Worth Convention Center, Dallas, Texas from Nov 15-17, 2016. The conference was attended by more than 1000 people from semiconductor industry, academia and media. Around 50 exhibitors showcased their products in booths of various sizes at the ITC over the span of the three days. (more…)

Role of Semiconductor Yield Management System at High Volume Production

Final Test to Probe CorrelationSemiconductor wafer fabrication plant is one of the most capital intensive unit with a production cycle of more than 6 weeks. Typically, a modern state of the art process fabrication plant costs more than $3 billion these days. In order to justify this much of an investment and to have a positive bottom line it becomes inevitable for the production units to have consistently higher yields and throughput.


Adding the 4th V in Semiconductor Big Data Dimensions

Enterprise ProductThe semiconductor manufacturing industry has witnessed drastic changes over the time and these changes have made semiconductor manufacturing one of the most complex and highly advanced industry where each product being manufactured goes through a number of specialized steps in the supply chain before reaching the end consumer.


semiconductor yield enhancement

Ensuring Quality and Reliability in Global Supply Chains

With the ever increasing rise of competition in the industry, the semiconductor manufacturing is moving towards highly specialized, advanced and complex processing of wafers. The supply chain is getting more global and fragmented where one node might be located in US, while the other in China, Taiwan or Malaysia with each node being managed by a different vendor. This multi-vendor policy helps the companies to get access to highly skilled individuals as well as highly specialized machinery that can deliver quality products in a cost-effective manner.


Getting More out of your Product Engineering Team

Semiconductor wafer manufacturing is a long and complex process comprising of several process steps. Normally it takes somewhere between five weeks to several months to manufacture a fully functional IC that can be shipped to the customers. During the manufacturing phase, each process node generates parametric and process data to help monitor and evaluate operational efficiency and health of the wafer being processed.


yieldWerx will be Exhibiting at the International Test Conference (ITC) 2016

yieldWerx participating at ITC 2016

(Image courtesy of ITC Test Week.

yieldWerx will be exhibiting in the International Test Conference (ITC) 2016 at Fort Worth convention center, Dallas, Texas.


PAT, GDBN Outlier Detection Moving Beyond Automotive

Semiconductor testing is a walk on the tightrope because of the latent defects that emerge in chips later in their life when they are part of an end-product. That’s why the discovery of a chip with a latent defect is referred to as a customer quality incident (CQI).


Big Data Revolution at Chip Industry’s Doorsteps

Semiconductor Manufacturing is not a stranger to “Big Data”. Intel alone manages 59 Data Centers and over 130,000 servers for its internal design and manufacturing operations . In fact, the capital equipment cost for a new Flash memory or Logic fab in 2016 is estimated to be at least $6-8B  with each fab supported by a large dedicated data center.


yieldWerx Exhibits at International Test Conference (ITC) 2015

yieldWerx exhibited at its first ever trade show, International Test Conference (ITC) 2015 ( at Disney Hotel, Anaheim, California. The conference was held from Oct 6-8,2015 and more than 1000 people from industry, academia and media attended it. Over 50 exhibitors displayed their products in booths of various sizes at the ITC over the span of three days.


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International Test Conference, Booth # 422
Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA
October 6-8, 2015


Visit yieldWerx at the International Test Conference in Anaheim, CA, October 6-8, and learn how you can simplify yield management for your business.